Features & Benefit

Patented TouchTap™ Technology

Cleankeys is the only touch keyboard that allows you to rest your fingers while typing; that, together with letter disambiguation software makes the keyboard very accurate.


CleanSweep Monitoring Software

CK3-17 keyboard is the first to have self-monitoring & compatibility with the revolutionary CleanSweep software.


Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Gorilla Glass (GG) means that the keyboard is thinner, lighter, resistant to scratching & harsh cleaning chemicals, & stronger than standard glass.


Industrial-grade Polycarbonate (PC)

(Enclosure & Top) (US English Option Only)
Polycarbonate top resists scratching, and the harshest of disinfectants because of a chemically protective coating called PET.


Fully Certified

ISO layout means all the keys you’d expect on a full-sized keyboard. FCC, CE, RCM, IP65 certifications mean its safe and reliable.


In-place Cleaning

Just pause, spray, and wipe. No need to unplug and take it to a sink.


Numeric Keypad

Data entry and charting made easier.



Economical design, with a standard USB cable.

Shallow Finger-wells

(Polycarbonate Top Only)
Small indents provide a tactile feel, allowing you to type without looking.


Audible Feedback

Instant confirmation when a key is typed.


Volume Control

Six volume levels, including OFF allows you to tailor the audible feedback to your environment.


Works with Gloves

A five point sensitivity setting means that big fingers, little fingers, and gloves are no problem; all can be accommodated by changing the sensitivity setting.


Plug-and-Play using Standard USB

There is no special software required on your computer to use Cleankeys – just plug and play. (CleanSweep software and Control Panel are optional)



Mac, Windows, Linux, & Unix.



Built-in tilt, full-sized keys, hand grips, and non-skid rubber feet help make the user experience a comfortable delight.


Control Panel Software

Easy access to keyboard settings.


Field Upgradeable

Through the control panel software, you can stay current with all future keyboard firmware improvements.

Full ISO Layout

ISO what? CK3-17 has all the keys as a standard keyboard, including all the edit function keys. This makes it compatibile with electronic records software, and other medical related software.

Patented Accuracy

Our 3rd generation keyboard uses patented TouchTap™ technology, making it the most accurate typing Cleankeys keyboard yet. It is the only touch keyboard that allows you to rest your fingers on the suface while typing. Try that with your smart phone or tablet! Add to that, word prediction, and word disambiguation, it all boils down to you being able to, well, type sloppily.

Highly Resistant

CK3-17 has two different top surfaces to choose from, that you can pretty much throw any medical grade cleaner at. One is the extremely thin, lite weight and durable, Gorilla® Glass® 2. The other surface is made of Polycarbonate with a chemically resistant, protective coating called PET.