CleanSweep Software Monitoring

What is CleanSweep?

CleanSweep software monitors infection prevention activities, including the cleaning of the CK3-15 & CK3-17 computer keyboards. Once cleaning policies are set, CleanSweep will alert the user when it is time to clean the keyboard. There is the option to upgrade the software to either the Premium or Enterprise versions which allows for powerful reporting and charting.

Pathogens in Clinical Environments

Our hands are the most common vector for transmission of infectious agents. In our increasingly digitized world, computer keyboards are found in most clinical environments. Environmental contamination is a serious concern in these clinical areas and with so many high-touch surfaces that are vectors for spreading infection, how can you be sure they are being cleaned? Intelligient monitoring.

Cleankeys Keyboard Compatible

No raised keys means the Cleankeys CK3-17 keyboard can be wiped clean in place in seconds. With a smooth surface that’s free of deep grooves and gaps, there is no place for germs to hide in or harbor debris. This also facilitates the cleaning process. Just pause, spray, and wipe. No need to unplug and take it to a sink. The fully sealed glass or polycarbonate surface can withstand common hospital cleaners.